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HST is charged when the GST and the provincial taxes are combined, but this means there are still differences between various provinces. This creates a big challenge for a business owner in terms of figuring out exactly what to charge.

An HST attorney is also likely to represent clients at many different levels of government in the form of objections, audits and appeals and can also assist with representation and appeals to the tax court of Canada.

Having the insight of an experienced attorney who serves in this area on a regular basis is instrumental in minimizing problems and ensuring that you have the right information and processes in place to establish appropriate collection and remission procedures. Furthermore, if an objection is needed or if an appeal or an audit needs to be managed, the support of an attorney who knows this area of tax law is crucial for your protection.


The in-depth knowledge of sales tax laws can assist you in crisis mode and also in planning in advance for these complicated matters. Your attorney should have extensive experience in resolving a wide range of tax disputes at early stages of the process. Many different industries and individuals can benefit from the insight of an attorney who has been practicing in this field for many years. Scheduling a consultation with an HST tax lawyer in Toronto is essential.

When trying to hire a Toronto GST lawyer or a Toronto HST lawyer, experience is critical. You need the support of an attorney who understands the common pitfalls that people experience when it comes to GST and HST and how to appropriately respond in the midst of managing a dispute, since sales tax advice can make a big difference in the management of your case and in minimizing the potential for disputes that could emerge down the road.

There are several different types of taxes to be aware of in Canada, including provincial sales taxes referred to as PST, as well as the goods and services/harmonized sales tax also known as GST-HST.

Furthermore, there are excise taxes specific to various products. Commodity taxes are governed by a unique set of regulations and laws that are quite different from income tax rules. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to properly collect and remit the appropriate amount of tax and to register officially.

Furthermore, you need to be aware of the various tax credits that you may be eligible to claim and tax planning with the support of an HST lawyer in Toronto can help you to reduce the amount of taxes payable and to optimize your credits. When it comes to non-residents, input tax credits, real property, financial services, e-commerce, telecommunications, cross-border transactions and more, the support of an attorney is highly beneficial to any business that has questions about their responsibilities and how to respond to notices that indicate that there could be a problem.

Avoiding further escalation with an existing problem and ensuring that you have access to legal support if an audit is started can make a big difference in the outcome of your case and in how you prepare for future issues as well. The sooner you can form a relationship with a lawyer, the more confident you’ll feel about sales taxes.