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Have you had an HST or GST assessmentCRA can and does lien salary and seize assets and bank accounts without a court order. CRA can and does show up at your home and place of business. Our top Canadian tax lawyers will protect your rights and will fight for you.

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A GST-HST tax lawyer working in Toronto can advise you about the many complicated issues surrounding sales tax and GST and HST concerns. An experienced attorney is essential to help you avoid different problems associated with the management of the collection and remission of appropriate sales taxes. When you find yourself in the midst of a conflict or needing to prepare for an audit, the support of an attorney is instrumental in helping you to feel prepared and to minimize the potential penalties.

If you don’t have legal representation on your side, advance tax planning and dealing with emerging issues is difficult or impossible. With a Toronto tax lawyer who knows the landscape and can help you with current issues and a long-range view, you know what to expect and how to avoid many common problems.

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Knowing how and when HST applies is hard for business owners, especially those who are regularly doing business with people or organizations located in different provinces. A comprehensive plan to minimize risk and ensure compliance is necessary to protect business interests. What seems like small mistakes on your end can turn into big problems in the event that an investigation or audit is opened, so it pays to be prepared with the support of a Toronto HST lawyer.

An HST lawyer is someone whose practice is primarily focused on GST or HST issues. The harmonized sales tax in Canada is part of the overall goods and services tax system, under the Excise Tax Act. HST attorneys in Toronto will be familiar with most issues arising in the context of HST. Many lawyers will focus exclusively on certain types of HST issues.

Do You Really Need a GST / HST Lawyer in Toronto to Help?

You need award winning tax lawyers in Ontario who are thoroughly committed to representing you to the fullest and giving you comprehensive assistance for the duration of their representation. You need an experienced attorney who has the expertise that you need when it comes to complicated tax issues surrounding GST and HST.

Addressing these problems sooner rather than later can decrease the possibility of problems for your business and can also show that you have done everything possible to protect yourself and to remain in compliance with these important laws.

It can be difficult for businesses to figure out how much GST or HST to charge and this information should be handled by an attorney who understands all complex aspects of this tax representation, including applying zero-rating rules for non-residents, and how to handle audits, objections and appeals. The sooner that you retain an experienced attorney, the easier it will be to address a personalized plan for representation and development of a complaint strategy to ensure that your needs are represented.



The Goods & Services Tax (GST)/Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) is a value added tax that became effective in Canada on January 1, 1991 and which replaced the then existing 13.5% Federal Sales Tax, a hidden tax on manufactured goods.

GST on Renovating a House

After transitioning from goods and services tax to harmonized sales tax on July 1, 2010, both the federal and provincial governments instituted GST/HST tax rebate programs for homeowners. With the HST rate in Ontario now 13 percent.

GST On House Flipping

Flipping houses is predicated on the resale of valuable assets, and the high transaction costs that take place come with multiple tax implications. In particular, businesses in this field must understand the nuances of the goods and services tax.

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It can be difficult for businesses

to figure out how much GST or HST to charge

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The Goods and Services Tax, or GST, is the federal value-added tax (VAT) that applies to purchases of most goods and services by consumers in Canada. In international tax language, it is referred to as a value-added tax or VAT. The GST rate of 5% is paid by a final consumer on the purchase price of any non-exempt product or service. A business that is registered for GST and that pays GST on goods and services that it purchases that are required for commercial activity may claim an input tax credit, which ensures that the tax is only paid by the final consumer.

A Canadian GST/HST tax lawyer who specializes in GST/HST can ensure that your business is paying the right amount of GST/HST that it is required to, and that it is taking advantage of all available input tax credits. In the event of a GST/HST audit, a Canadian GST/HST tax lawyer will ensure that your interests are represented and that your rights are upheld.

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